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For the Noah Investment Group we came up with an editorial inspired branding. The website follows this approach and is supported by custom collages.

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   Business Card Design for Noah

Business Cards


Custom collages inject character into the brand, highlighting the diverse sectors Noah supports. While they incorporate business-focused elements like graphs and buildings, the human touch always remains front and center.

The selected font further embodies the brand's editorial essence, using varied sizes to infuse dynamism.

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Posters For The Office

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Website On Desktop

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Website On Mobile Phones

Landing Page On Mobile Phones

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Digital Solution

Adapting a magazine-style brand for digital requires crafting various components that adjust according to the breakpoint.

This ensures the website delivers an optimal user experience tailored to the user's device.

For Noah, we've optimized the website for mobile phones, tablets (both portrait and landscape views), and desktops.

It was custom developed using Gatsby and React, which ensures rapid loading times and enhanced SEO optimization.


Our focus at Noah is on mid-sized companies making a genuine impact. With the puzzlers we found a partner who created a branding that matches our ethos and vision. Their editorial and handmade collage approach transformed our brand in a meaningful way. Moving away from the generic investment imagery to something truly distinctive. Kudos to the team!
Christian ThielemannCEO & Partner @ Noah

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